About Us

Our History

Mironova Labs, Inc. is a world leader in the discovery and development of specialty ingredient technologies. Originally established in 1988 as Pharma Tech International, our capabilities are routed in a rich and extensive history in organic synthesis and process development for many of the world’s most difficult to synthesize molecules.

This history forms the foundation of our expertise that we integrate with cutting-edge engineering, as well as collaboration with experts and thought leaders in range of fields and disciplines, to deliver innovation that results in unique, high-impact ingredients and product solutions for health, beauty, and vitality

As a US-based manufacturer, Mironova Labs is dedicated to manufacturing excellence that drives environmental sustainability, as well as ensures superior quality that exceeds standards required in the health, nutrition, and beauty industries. Mironova Labs is a customer-focused organization dedicated to continuous improvement, uncompromising quality, and service that is second to none. Our Commitment to Quality, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability

Our Products

Mironova PG Technology

After nearly three decades, Mironova continues to be a world leader in prostaglandin (PG) synthesis, producing industrial scale quantities of prostaglandins (PGs) for commercial application. Mironova PG Technology now supports a number of global brands for products in both health and beauty industries.

Breakthrough in EGT

In 2016, with the launch of our flagship branded ingredient, Mironova EGT+, the company changed its name to Mironova Labs – in honor of its founder Miroslav Trampota and a continued commitment to delivering next generation ingredient innovation.

Since EGT was first identified in 1909, over a century later, scientific advancements at Mironova Labs have resulted in a patented process that has enabled Mironova to be one of the first manufacturers globally to efficiently and sustainably produce commercial-scale quantities of EGT.

Mironova EGT+™ now makes EGT commercially available for widespread application, enabling a convenient and affordable way to give the body what it needs to protect itself against the underlying cause of premature aging.

Our Commitment to Quality, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability

Mironova Labs is a U.S. manufacturer committed to delivering world-class quality and safety for our products. We continue to exceed regulatory standards and deliver quality and safety to our customers by maintaining a robust, cGMP-compliant quality system. All Mironova Labs products are manufactured exclusive in the USA in cGMP-compliant, FDA-registered facilities.

Mironova Labs is dedicated to environmental sustainability through green operations and manufacturing, and we are committed to continuous improvement in processes that shrink our carbon footprint.